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| Me |

About me: It's easy to get overwhelmed with life, to be busy and to forget to celebrate...even the little things. I recently did an exercise where I wrote down all the things I wanted to celebrate in my own life.

Here are some of my top things!

It was 'I'm going to marry this man' at first sight when I met my husband. We got married here in Colorado a little less than a year later. He gets me and I am so thankful!

Children and babies make my world go around! My own first little Love is a ball of energy and more precious than riches. She loves being my assistant in everything I do (But not photo editing...your pictures are too precious to have a toddler's hands on them.) My second little Love is pure joy. I am learning to adjust to being a mommy of two.

I love Jesus and am so overwhelmed by His goodness. I love my church because I get to be myself.

I moved from Oregon to Colorado in 2007 to work at Children's Hospital Colorado. I love being a nurse!

I became a runner since I moved to Colorado. Although I could barely work through my last pregnancy, I am running again and overcoming!

I grew up with a chronic illness which  has helped me grow into who I am today!

One of my favorite topics is weddings and some others are babies, love, and life. Coffee and working out with friends take the cake. Put a baby, child or couple together with my camera and you will see life being celebrated!

Top goals? To love my man and my daughters in ways that encourage them to be who they want to be! To celebrate life to the fullest...one way I get to do that is through serving you!

I can't wait to get to know you! I love helping you feel comfortable and at home during our conversations and our photo shoots. I respect your time and know that we all have busy lives. I understand the attention spans of children and the men in your life. I am full of joy and I bring that to every experience you have with me. I love what I do and it shows. Whether I have the opportunity to celebrate  your wedding vows, your love for your baby or your excitement over your beloved animal, I hope to capture you and let you be yourself during the whole process. My hope is that you can find a place to let your hair down and have a great time. I can't wait to get started!


| Testimonials |

Natalie ~ "I hired Steph to take family pictures for my parents' Christmas present. I appreciated her patience and skill with dealing with my then 15-month-old in our multigenerational photo shoot. Steph captured so many great smiles and expressions it was difficult to pick which ones to print! I highly recommend her."

Sarah ~ "We hired Steph to do our son's newborn pictures! She was so wonderful and prepared for our 9-day-old baby boy! Her studio was warm and ha d a very soothing atmosphere for our little guy! We're so pleased with how all the pictures came out and how she captured such a sweet, special time for our family!"

Sara ~ "Steph is the best photographer we have ever worked with. She is creative, smart and artistic. She is fun to be around and my daughters absolutely love her. Our family pictures are wonderful. She captured the first moment my oldest daughter met her baby sister in the hospital, and I still get tears every time I look at it, it is so intimate and moving. Steph is amazing!"

Kelly ~ "Steph has been our number one photographer since we became pregnant with our first little girl. Since then she has done newborn photos, family photos, another maternity/family session and will do our newborn photos again in a few weeks! She is incredible and full of fun ideas and patience...especially with our little one. I was walking through the house today noticing Steph's wonderful photography that is EVERYWHERE! I never tire of looking at it and I cannot wait to see more and more of her beautiful work in my home!"

Jen ~ "We have used Steph as our family photographer for the last 4 years for maternity, newborn and family pictures. She has an amazing presence with the little ones, always managing to get a great shot, even when they don't want to cooperate. I would highly recommend her, and will continue to use her services for my family for many years to come."

Natasha ~ "Steph has an innate talent for capturing amazing moments! We have had pictures taken by her several times and we ALWAYS end up with brilliant pictures, regardless of the kids' moods. 5 stars+!!!!"

Rachael ~ "Steph is not only an amazing woman but she has a true talent for photography and capturing special moment! Steph first did our maternity photos with our oldest son and has continued to shoot our family photos as we grow in size! Not only are the photo shoots fun and energetic but Steph also has an incredible knack for editing and finding the best photos out of the bunch!! We will continue to use Steph in the future and you should too!"