Lincoln 2018 8th Grade - Stephanie Trowbridge Photography

Lincoln 2018 8th Grade

Attention: I have reset your password to the instructions below if you have had any issues getting in. I apologize for the inconvenience. Message me if you still are having issues! Thanks!

Welcome to the 2018 Lincoln Academy 8th Grade Photo Gallery!

You will find your student by first name in alphabetical order. You can order prints straight from your gallery as well as download digital images. Soon, your graduation photo will be in your gallery as well (after May 24th). I am happy to provide black and white images into your gallery as well as fix more acne in the photos you are planning to purchase.

Please contact me via the website with: student name, photo number (see under the right hand side photo in your gallery) and what you are hoping to have. Thank you! Feel free to contact me with other requests and questions. 

Password Tips: Remember Your Student's Date of Birth followed by initials. (If you have two first names and/or two last names those are included) Examples: 002201ST or 002201SFRT

Printing: If you send your photos to Costco, please turn off the auto correct for the color. Thanks!